Gentle Waxing For Men & Women

Vamp Beauty Salon is becoming the first choice for waxing in Belfast. Our gentle approach takes the sting out of waxing for men and women.

We have a range of wax including hard wax (stripless wax) and the original warm wax each suited to particular treatment areas.

Please feel comfortable to speak to our therapists about any queries or worries your may have about waxing as we are more than aware that this can be very stressful experience for some but please be assured we don not judge anyone and will try our best to put you at ease no matter what area you wish to have waxed.

We strongly believe in a well taught stretch and support technique in waxing as we find this significantly lowers the amount of discomfort our clients are in so if you have had a bad experience with waxing, why not give us a try and enjoy the gentler approach to waxing.

You can read more about waxing on Wikipedia.